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North Korea

I am finding that the one issue I wish people had paid more attention to during last year’s presidential election has come blasting to the forefront of foreign policy issues.  I also looked at the most recent missile test by North Korea as an ironic event as it took place as Americans were remembering and honoring those who had died in service to our country, including the over 54,000 American service men and women who died in the Korean War.


With a little over 27,000 American service personnel based on the Korean pennisula, the fact that North Korea is testing nuclear missiles is disturbing.  It is even more disturbing that today, May 27, 2009 – almost 56 years since the armistice was signed that ended the Korean War, North Korean officials announced that they were withdrawing from the armistice and the pennisula would again be at war.


My concerns are on multiple fronts.  I have grave concerns for who a nuclear-armed North Korea would sell such technology to and what they themselves might use it for.  I also have concerns for the Americans who are now in harms way on the pennisula.


My biggest concern is that this is happening in an administration that is not ready for such a foreign policy test.  While the Secretary of State has been in the public eye for many years, she has not had to deal with issues on the level that this test is going to require.  The President has no idea, in my humble opinion, of what to do.  Worse, I still look back to happenings prior to Bush taking office and fear that Al Qaeda will also test the Obama presidency soon (see postsYemen:  Ignored or Deja vu and  Yemen Again ).


I am concerned that in a State Department briefing the Secretary still feels that North Korea can be brought back into compliance with UN resolutions if there is a unified and strong voice against what they have just recently done.  I do not believe trying to negotiate with those who have been thumbing their noses at the rules of the game for several years – which ultimately is what sanctions and then talking with the regime in North Korea is – helps those 27,000 plus Americans who are living and serving on the Korean pennisula.  It also does not send a strong enough message to others who look to harm the United States and its citizenry that we will not allow that to happen.


The Obama administration has to realize that it is in over its head – collectively and individually.  There needs to be some time spent on North Korea and a definitive path of response designed.  This “punish and they will talk with us” attitude needs to reviewed.

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