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Yemen: Ignored or Deja vu?

While I am still trying desparately to wrap my mind around the political outlook in this country, I am extremely concerned about Yemen.  Yes, I said Yemen.

If we go back to the end of the last two term president, it was the fall of 2000.  October 12th, the USS Cole was bombed in Yemeni waters.  Eleven months later, the biggest terrorist act on our land came about.

Today, the US Embassy in Yemen was bombed.  Granted, the car bomb did not make it past Yemenis who were guarding the embassy.  In this particular case, there was no American life lost but there was life lost. 

Why does this worry me?  It is 2008.  It is the fall prior to a presidential election where there is no incumbent running.  There will be a change in administration in January.  The economic picture here at home has basically blotted out this disaster.  No one is giving it a second look.  I pray those who are in power are paying more attention than either presidential candidate and the news media.  The similarities are too close but I hope it is a fluke, not deja vu.

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