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Yemen … Again

I was not a blogging person when the attack on the USS Cole took place in October 2000, killing 17 American sailors.  I remember vividly, probably due to my overwhelming political and news junkieness – yes, I am also a wordsmith, where I was when I found out about the USS Cole. I was in line at the grocery store in West Corners, waiting to check out, when the televisions over the check out counters went from The Weather Channel to CNN for breaking news.  I do not, to this day, know why I reacted as I did but I wanted to leave without my groceries and go home to my children.  At that point in time, there were six of them still living at home and, even though I knew that most were somewhere else, I wanted to be with them.

In September of 2008, as the country went to again elect a new president, my thoughts again went to Yemen.  I went back to October of 2000, just before the country elected George W Bush for the first time.  In the news was a car bombing of the US Embassy in Yemen.  Did pundits or national security advisors think the way I thought?  I doubt it.  I have always been an original thinker.  I just could not get rid of a feeling of foreboding.

Yemen is again in the news.  The Times Online is reporting that Yemeni security has been stepped up, at least in the capital area.  This is a good thing as other news outlets are reporting increased security issues, particularly for US citizens and other foreigners.  The US Embassy was closed for several days due to these threats.

Yemeni citizens make up a large part of the population of Guantanamo Bay.  These people are going to be moved to countries that will accept them, including their own, to facilitate the closing of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.  To repatriate a person who has been held as a suspected terrorist to a country that seems to breed terrorism does not make sense.  This scares me as I would not want these people back in a country that Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) said could well be the next war if things do not change.

Will Yemen ever be out of our news here in the United States?  Will Yemen, as Senator Lieberman suggests, become the next US war?

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