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Light, Darkness, Cold, Warmth

The thought process for this entry started by reading an email this morning.  Yes, the email came from Sparkpeople.com.  They have a “Healthy Reflections” series where an inspirational email hits the subscriber’sinbox every day.  I do not always bother to read these every day but some move me, when I do read them, to keep them for “blog fodder,” as I call it.

The subject of today’s email is “Lighting fires in the cold,” a subject that was speaking to my situation this morning as my fuel tank hit empty and I didn’t realize it.  I was under the impression I was on auto-delivery and was wondering when they would deliver.  Now, I know otherwise.  Needless to say, I have fuel oil, heating oil on the way today as we are again in a cold snap.  I have also put a reminder on my calendar to check the tank in “x” number of days.

Back to the reflection.  As I read what was in my inbox, I started thinking about the Prayer of St Francis.  I have always loved the many renditions of this that we sing at church.  It is one of my favorite prayers and one I have fallen back on many times in recent days.  The reflection in my email pushes us to not be intimidated by others but to realize that relating to others is most often not easy.  We do need to reach out a hand in friendship, in camaraderie, in hope to others.

I knew I had read a couple of blog entries on the Prayer of St Francis.  I was sure one was at Lindsey’s A Design So Vast.  I found it and with it Danielle’s which I had also read.

These women and their thoughts, along with Sarah McLachlan’s rendition of the prayer in song, are traveling with me through my days.  The words are making me realize that I have so much that I can give to others.  These words are making me realize that my life is wonderful and should be shared.  These words are making me see that I can spread warmth where there is cold in the world, whether the world as a whole or my little world.

6 thoughts on “Light, Darkness, Cold, Warmth

  1. I believe it was Bruce on his blog, Privilege of Parenting (phenomenal, if you haven’t visited) – who said in a post awhile back – giving is the cure for not having – or something to that effect.

    Giving is easy, and we get so much in return. Individually and collectively. “Lighting fires in the darkness” is a lovely and poetic way to reflect on the same notion.

    1. Yes, lighting fires in the darkness is a good way to think of the same notion.

      I know I write about giving a lot but it is an important part of who I am so it comes to me frequently.

      And many thanks, I do visit Bruce’s blog frequently!

  2. Nicki, thanks for a lovely reminder. This prayer is ingrained in my memory having been raised Catholic. And evertime I see it, it brings me peace. And yet, I can’t say it’s as much a part of my everyday life as I would like it to be. Your reflection is heart-warming and inspires me to try to remember that it is so very true for me as well.

    1. I am glad to be a reminder, Belinda. The prayer is ingrained in my heart and mind and soul. I have only been a Catholic for 26 years so just slightly more than half my life but I love this prayer.

  3. What a beautiful companion to the previous post. I hope that we will not enter into another war (we aren’t going anywhere in the one we already are in…). This prayer reminds me that no matter what, God is watching.

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