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Twitter and Local Media

I have to admit that I quickly became a big Twitter fan once I started using it and leaving it open in my browser.  I can let friends, both distant and close, know brief synapsis of what is going on in my life or with whatever event I am attending.

Case in point, I tweeted from my mobile phone about the weather in Oneonta when taking Ben (#5) back to college.  This allowed those who were concerned to know when I arrived home safely.  Another case in point, I tweeted from Cornell University when my daughter and I went to a women’s ice hockey game in January.  The unfortunate truth was this tweet was not a good one.  I was annoyed that they had no ATM at the hockey rink and were only using a table as a way to buy tickets.  This is a Division One sports program and Cornell was, at the time, the sixth ranked team in the country.

What I have come to discover is someone needs to teach local media how to use Twitter.  There are the occasional breaking news tweets which are great.  Unfortunately, there are just as many mornings where whoever is in charge of tweeting at the local paper comes into the office and tweets a link to every headline in the paper.  It is at that time, and the time varies by day, that I want to “unfollow” pressconnects.

I follow local news as I like to be able to blog about events as they happen.  I do not want every headline that I have usually already read to be regurgitated to me via Twitter.

Do you follow your local news on Twitter?  Do you even have a Twitter account?  How would you like to receive your local news headlines?

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4 thoughts on “Twitter and Local Media

  1. I do use Twitter. Primarily for social/networking/blog purposes. I do not use it to follow local news, but I can see how that would be a very good way to use it. I am amazed, frankly, at the power of Twitter and brethren technologies. I think it is changing the way we operate and communicate – and maybe even think. Fascinating. And a bit scary.

    1. Aidan – I do agree that technology of all types, including Twitter, is changing the way we operate and communicate. I am totally unsure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It just is.

  2. I do follow the three local news stations. One is really spot on, one is ok and one rarely tweets. I have found that the longer I’m engaging (and I say that loosely) on Twitter, the more I am filtering out the noise and unfollowing people who don’t have much to offer.

    1. Anjanette – I guess my biggest issue is with the flooding of my feed with their headlines, not just breaking news. And, all at once.

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