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Twitter & Facebook & Pinterest…Oh my!

Social media! There are many more platforms than those three in my title but all I can say is oh my! My latest catch is odd hashtags – odd as in innuendo-based – for corporate accounts. I opened Twitter this morning to see the hashtag #itsOKtoswallow on a company’s tweet. While I understand the use… Continue reading Twitter & Facebook & Pinterest…Oh my!

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Ragnar Alert

Friday morning, eleven women and myself will start the journey from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid. We are running the Ragnar Adirondack Relay. I cannot wait. I am anticipating this relay so much I started packing over the weekend. Big mistake! I need that running gear prior to leaving. Oops! I am runner six. I… Continue reading Ragnar Alert

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My Love of Challenges and a Giveaway

I love a challenge. I am all about setting goals and overcoming obstacles in my fitness life. When I went to California last fall for my mother’s 70th birthday, I looked for a race to run. I could have run a fairly flat 5K in Palm Springs but I chose, instead, to run the Palm… Continue reading My Love of Challenges and a Giveaway

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Social Media Inventory

I have to admit this was not a new thought.  Yesterday, I was reading Tim Nekritz’s blog, Inside Tim’s Head.  Tim was discussing the social media inventory of his employer, a state university in NY, and the uses of having said inventory written down.  I so wanted to put the phrase “down on paper” there… Continue reading Social Media Inventory

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Twitter Lists

Do you utilize Twitter?  I have several different reasons for following people on Twitter.  Some people are blogging friends of mine that I have, or possibly have not, met.  I like to know when they have new blog entries up and most do tweet about the new blogs.  I follow certain people because of where… Continue reading Twitter Lists

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Twitter and Breaking News

I have used Twitter during minor breaking news stories and major one previously but today, the ease of use and how much information is available hit home again. I was on Twitter as breaking news was happening 250 miles away at the University at Buffalo.  I follow several people from the Buffalo area on Twitter… Continue reading Twitter and Breaking News