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Twitter Lists

Do you utilize Twitter?  I have several different reasons for following people on Twitter.  Some people are blogging friends of mine that I have, or possibly have not, met.  I like to know when they have new blog entries up and most do tweet about the new blogs.  I follow certain people because of where they live.  There is a huge group of tweeps in the Ithaca area and I follow some of them.  I follow some people because of their tweets about running or fitness.  I follow a few different news organizations.

Sometimes, when I log into Twitter, I just want to see news real quickly.  Truthfully, Twitter has almost totally taken the place of reading the morning paper.  I log in, click on my news list, and open the news articles that I find interesting.  This way I get a cross-section of local and national and international news.  I sometimes get opinion pieces also.

Look at the list of those you are following on Twitter.  If you see decided groups, possibly as simple as friends and family, go ahead.  Make  a group or two.  Just realize that your lists are public.  I found a list of verified Olympians.  I can follow the list without following each individual.  This may be a bit much for most people.  I love it, though.  There is an ease with a list.  There is a continuity.

I suggest you try lists on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Twitter Lists

  1. Thanks for writing this promised blog post. It sounds a lot like the groups I’ve made in tweetdeck. I think I will give the lists a try (as soon as I get home from vacation).

    1. I keep thinking I want to try either TweetDeck or HootSuite. Since HootSuite is web-based, I may lean in that direction with two computers now.

      Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Hmm. Lists. Yes. Should do. And also, I need some new ppl to follow. But time is always limited and now that I actually have to work at work (go figure) I haven’t had as much tweeting time.


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