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Carriage House Cafe, Ithaca – Review

I still have to arrive at the Carriage House Cafe during regular business hours.  I attended a party in the upstairs hall last Friday evening.  If the food and atmosphere that were present upstairs carrying into the daily operations – and from the menu, I believe they do, this location could become my new favorite place to eat in Ithaca.

A few high points in the location are that it is close to Cornell University.  While not directly in CollegeTown, it is on Stewart Avenue and easy to get to from downtown Ithaca.  The Carriage House Cafe is also a LightLink HotSpot.  I do not live in Ithaca and do, when I am there for the day, sign up for a one day LightLink account.  Some places are not HotSpots and that leaves them out of my agenda when planning.  Not so with The Carriage House Cafe.

The upstairs events hall is known as The Hayloft and provided a wonderful environment for our gathering last Friday of about 50 people.  I believe the limit is 75 so it is not for a huge gathering but is perfect for intimate groups.  You can see photos from #Twithaca here and the room is The Hayloft.

The food we had at Twithaca was amazing.  There were beautiful sandwiches – wish I had gotten a photo of the food but I failed in this aspect, including a vegetarian option.  I had the veggie sandwich as it was a Friday in Lent.  The white bean hummus that served as a spread on the sandwich was perfect.  The roasted veggies – words are hard to find to describe how good this was.  On top of that – actually next to it on my plate, they served a wonderful slaw.  I think there were apples and carrots in it but it didn’t matter to me if it was just cabbage.  The dressing on the slaw was amazing

I strongly recommend you all stop by The Carriage House Cafe for breakfast or lunch on any Tuesday through Sunday.  I am hoping to get there for lunch this week as I am meeting a friend for lunch on Wednesday.  If you happen to be on Four Square, be sure to log your visit.

4 thoughts on “Carriage House Cafe, Ithaca – Review

  1. Sounds wonderful Nicki. Let me know if you want to take me to lunch there. LOL Seriously sounds like a nice place to have some good food and a ice cold beer.

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