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Twitter and Breaking News

I have used Twitter during minor breaking news stories and major one previously but today, the ease of use and how much information is available hit home again.

I was on Twitter as breaking news was happening 250 miles away at the University at Buffalo.  I follow several people from the Buffalo area on Twitter and one of them re-tweeted news from campus of the library on North Campus being evacuated due to a suspected gunman.  I immediately called my son who was amazed at the information I had but that had not gotten out to the student community yet.

My son and I talked back and forth while the local newspaper also asked me questions as I had sent them some information I had gotten from Buffalo.  I left the computer to attend a meeting, staying in text touch with my son to be sure all was okay as he was not at his apartment but couldn’t really leave where he was.

I am fairly certain my son would not have thought to call me until this had hit papers the next day.  He does know that I check the Buffalo News each morning along with my blog list.  Even then, those of us in our early 20’s don’t necessarily attach importance to the same things our parents do so he may not have called then.

While I am by no means a helicopter parent, I do like to know what is going on.  I also like to know when a major incident, whether proven or not, happens.  I don’t check in daily with my son or any of my college kids.  I open up AIM in case they want to contact me as that is easy for them.

How do you keep in touch with your college-aged children?  How do you envision keeping in touch when your little ones get older?  When do we truly let go?

11 thoughts on “Twitter and Breaking News

  1. Hey just wanted to let you know that the “gunman” (of course alleged) but according to UBPD surveillance camera look like he entered lockwood library with a rifle over is shoulder, not a shotgun on his hip like students said was not found on campus.

    Oh yea if you didn’t hear there was an alleged gunman on campus, and you’re right, you probably wouldn’t have heard it from me first since you called me 10 seconds after I found out.

    P.S. I was not the gunman…I was too tall for the description of 5’9″ Caucasian male, but most of my friends fit that description just like most of the people on campus.

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  3. Oh, Nicki, how terrifying that must’ve been for you! I think about the questions you ask at the end of your post all the time. I look at my boy, so young and small, and I know that one day he will leave home. And I’m reminded of the many times that my mom would call me and me not getting back to her right away. Ugh. And I believe in karma so I know I’ll have my turn of phone calls not getting returned.

    As for truly letting go of other people, sure. But my own child? I don’t know that I ever can.

    1. Belinda – I have vivid memories of having to wait to use the payphone at the end of the hallway to get and to make calls to home while in college. There was no communication then but that payphone or letters.

      I don’t know that we ever truly let go of our children but there comes a time when they have to think we have.

  4. My son sometimes texts me when we’re in a store together so I can see already how our communication’s going to go. But it is tremendously reassuring to know that, without swooping in to handle his life’s problems (which is what I think of as helicopter parenting), that I can make sure he’s okay when I need to. When I think of the lack of communication when I was a kid, the fruitless standing at payphones in malls, the missed rides because I was at a different exit, etc., how great all this technology is.

    1. I am still slightly annoyed as there has been no parent communication from the university. There was an incident, shortly after the tragedy at Virginia Tech, on the South Campus at UB. It turned out it was not someone with a firearm but there was an email sent to parents that day – at least those of us who sign up for their email reminders. Nothing this time.

      I know what you mean about missed rides and payphones. I just told Belinda, the payphone at the end of the hall was all I had at college.

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