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Social Media Inventory

I have to admit this was not a new thought.  Yesterday, I was reading Tim Nekritz’s blog, Inside Tim’s Head.  Tim was discussing the social media inventory of his employer, a state university in NY, and the uses of having said inventory written down.  I so wanted to put the phrase “down on paper” there but I do not know that this inventory will ever reach paper.


The advantages an institution of higher learning can glean from having a social media inventory are many.  In the particular case of SUNY-Oswego, it is clear that the inventory makes giving assignments to students on the social media team easier.  As I read, I saw that this exercise would also be important on a personal level.  So before I start, have you ever given this area – social media inventory – any thought?  Do you see an advantage to knowing your social media outlets and what they are used for?


I know that ultimately I would like to convince my fellow Board of Education members that the Board should have a social media presence.  I would love to see a 4square check-in for meetings and for votes.  I would like to see the Board use a blog as a way to communicate reasons for cuts or for keeping expenses to the public.  I would like to see the Board use Facebook to get information about our district to those in the district, the taxpayers.  The school district does have a web site but I think that some of these items would enhance the school web site.


So here is my social media inventory.


Blog– I have had this blog for over five years.  It started as a way to share scans of art with other artists around the world.  It has definitely progressed to more of a writing tool than an art tool.


Twitter – You can find me on Twitter at @NickiinNY.  I find Twitter to be an excellent source of news from all over the world.  I also use Twitter to promote my blog, my writing.  I use it to share other information that I find of interest.  It is a wonderful way to keep in touch with family as I follow some of my children who are no longer at home.


Facebook – While I like Facebook, I find it to be invasive.  I don’t like being on it for long as I dislike having the chat box pop up when I am unable to talk to friends.  I do use Facebook and find it a great marketing tool and communication method but it is not my favorite at the moment.


4Square – I use 4Square but will be the first to admit I frequently forget to check in.  As far as mobile web and smart phones go, I am in the dark ages.  I have the ability to use a smartphone but do not and do not see the need to be always in connection with everyone.


DailyMile – is the Facebook of workout logging sites.  I log every workout I do – from snow shoveling to swimming to kick boxing to running – into DM.  I have met many great people who are on DM and hope to continue to meet those who have helped me along with encouragement and those who have inspired me through this format.


So, in closing, I am going to ask a couple of questions again.   Have you ever given this area – social media inventory – any thought?  Do you see an advantage to knowing your social media outlets and what they are used for?

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