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Listening Devices

Earbuds.  Headphones.  Whatever your personal preference, if you are a parent of a teenager, I am sure you know what I am talking about – whatever the teen uses to listen to his/her mp3 player.  The reason I am sure you know what I am talking about is you have probably purchased a ton of them for your teen.


As I was on my 8 mile run yesterday, I was drawn to the fact that I have had my mp3 player – without which my run would have been annoying and probably not nearly as long – for almost 18 months.  Guess what?  I still use the original ear buds and both still produce sound.


My teens, on the other hand, have tried every type and cost point ear bud in town it seems.  I have bought them packages of ear buds at the dollar store.  Of course, as the teens so pleasantly pointed out, did I really expect dollar store ear buds to last longer than the Sony ones that were the previous purchase?  I have bought $20 ear buds.  This seems to be my top price point for something that generally needs to be replaced every month.   These more expensive ones did manage to make it three months before I heard someone say he was only getting music out of one side.


What is it kids do with these wires and ear pieces to render them useless easily?  I have managed to run over 1,500 miles using mine and never had an issue.  They have been out in weather that is 90F with 100% humidity and in weather that is 20F with a windchill of around 5F.  I seldom see my kids take theirs out in weather extremes, hence the reason mine still work.


I have, like my teens but not nearly as often, wadded up my ear buds and stuffed them in a purse pocket or a pants pocket.  I still have sound from both ear pieces.


How is it that teenagers think that ear buds are disposable items, like makeup and soap that you use up?

One thought on “Listening Devices

  1. lol. I have no idea. I am sad to report that my ear buds now have one side that no longer works. But I’m guessing it has more to do with Chip borrowing them than anything I did or didn’t do.

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