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Fad Diets – Ways to Spot

I have tried, in my lifetime, many different types of diets.  I have found, with age and through trial and error, that diets themselves do not usually work.  Healthy eating habits and exercise help a body to be at its optimum weight and strength for the life that body leads.  


Fortunately, this means something different to each person as each person leads a uniquely different life so needs different eating habits and different exercise habits.  Certain “requirements” help with your overall fitness but please beware fads that promise quick weight-loss or quick inch loss.  Please beware fads that swear that it works for anyone.


This morning I read an interesting article on  It is 12 ways to spot a fad diet.  Worse thing is that I have probably, over the last 20 years, tried diets that meet most of these ways to spot a fad.  It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I know what I need to eat to fuel my body and not gain weight, possibly even losing weight.

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