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Training Time is a Time for Trying

I really wanted the title to be “Training Time is Trying Time” but that might lead you astray. I am not saying that my training is not trying – trying to push my body to a new level, trying to push my patience as it does not come as easy as I would like –… Continue reading Training Time is a Time for Trying

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How do we measure childhood obesity?

As I said yesterday, childhood obesity is an issue in the United States.  Children from toddlers to teens spend too much time being sedentary.  To me, as a parent, the big question is how do we measure who is and isn’t obese or even overweight as that may lead to obesity.  I have some large… Continue reading How do we measure childhood obesity?

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Do You Eat Meat?

I was at a wedding on the 19th, actually in the buffet line at the reception, when it dawned on me.  I had not eaten any meat since Wednesday night’s dinner.  This was definitely not intentional up to that point.  I did, though, intentionally eat only the veggie lasagna as an entrée that night. Truthfully, I had… Continue reading Do You Eat Meat?

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Fad Diets – Ways to Spot

I have tried, in my lifetime, many different types of diets.  I have found, with age and through trial and error, that diets themselves do not usually work.  Healthy eating habits and exercise help a body to be at its optimum weight and strength for the life that body leads.     Fortunately, this means… Continue reading Fad Diets – Ways to Spot