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Do You Eat Meat?

I was at a wedding on the 19th, actually in the buffet line at the reception, when it dawned on me.  I had not eaten any meat since Wednesday night’s dinner.  This was definitely not intentional up to that point.  I did, though, intentionally eat only the veggie lasagna as an entrée that night.

Truthfully, I had also run a 20K race earlier that day and was just not into very heavy food.  The chicken – everyone who had some said it was delicious – didn’t look appetizing to me and I eat very little red meat so the roast beef was definitely out.

A few observations from my one week – once I realized it – imposed vegetarian stint are as follows.  Some are common sense, whether vegetarian or not.  Others are observations of my life.  Realize that I work from my home so set my own hours.  I run between 25 and 35 miles a week.

  1. I could have kept going with the no meat diet if I had planned it better. This is one of those common sense things.  I was still cooking dinner every night for my family.  I have three lads of Irish decent living at home – read that to mean they are meat and potato boys all the way.  I had to make a conscious effort to have something for myself that as not meat.  This requires planning and I didn’t plan.
  2. I like greens. I ate a lot more romaine and spinach when I was not eating meat.  I love spinach, even going so far as to put it in smoothies after I run.  Not all my friends, and definitely not my children, think this is good.
  3. I like chicken. While I didn’t miss having other things, I did miss it the night we had chicken spiedies, a local specialty.  I do like having occasional chicken or fish but not other meats.’
  4. I required less sleep. This one sort of confuses me.  I did not intentionally stay up later or get up earlier but I did, without an alarm as it was my youngest’s first week of summer break, find I slept less.  I have noticed, just in the few days I have been eating meat again, that I get tired earlier in the day/night.

Do you eat meat?  Do you keep a strict vegetarian diet?  Have you ever tried raw eating or clean eating?

14 thoughts on “Do You Eat Meat?

  1. My husband gave up red meat 35 years ago – but still kept fish and chicken in his diet. He didn’t do it for political reasons – just because he wanted to lose weight. He doesn’t miss it at all – not even when he cooks something for me.

    About 10 years ago he went on a diet where he cut back on the amount of fat he was eating (but still ate chicken and fish) and he found he didn’t need as much sleep either. I like food too much to eliminate anything from my diet!

  2. I certainly respect those who don’t eat meat for reasons of personal conviction, but I do eat meat, as well as fish and lots of veggies / fruits.

    In other words, a healthy diet, to the extent that budget and time constraints allow.

    I always have eaten meat, and now, it is more essential to my nutrition than ever (often the case for women at certain stages). So, I’m glad I don’t have a philosophical issue with it, and, I like it. (If only it weren’t quite so expensive!)

    1. My love of meat is not unending. I have done enough reading to know that meat is a huge energy consumption. Of course, so is transporting veggies and fruits out of season to places like the Northeast.

  3. As you know, I went all-veggie for the month of March. I found it to be a really worthwhile experiment for a number of reasons. But after the month ended I did go back to eating meat, although much less of it. I struggled with protein intake and had a few days where I felt very lethargic because of it. But once I got the hang of it I didn’t miss meat and felt great. I don’t know if I could ever be a vegetarian permanently, but I am glad I’ve arrived at a place where I’m more thoughtful about what I put into my body.

    1. I think I am going to revisit not eating meat or not eating red meat again when I have a huge break between races.

  4. I admit, I love meat. Especially a dry-aged steak or Christmas tenderloin. But Husband was raised vegetarian, and we eat vegetarian about half the time. It’s surprisingly not very hard to make great, balanced meals without meat. (I keep telling my mother this, but my parents will forever be meat-and-potatoes.)

    This makes me think about salads. I’ve always been willing to eat salads, but I didn’t love them. A couple years ago, we made a concerted effort to eat a salad with dinner most every night. And now I CRAVE salads. If I don’t get my greens, my body starts to really need fresh, raw food. So it’s kind of amazing how you can teach your body to love something, how our tastes can be changed over time.

  5. Years ago I tried to go vegetarian but honestly I was so hungry all the time. Granted, I was in university and my culinary skills were weak to say the least, I still struggled. I’ve thought about it often since, and I think my husband would be mostly up for it, I’m not sure it’s an eating style I’m keen to impose on my children. But we have gone meatless two night’s a week and I hope to up the ante on that one over time.

    All that said, if your need for less sleep has anything to do with your diet, I NEED to know. Because boy, could I do with needing a little less sleep.

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