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Where do I go from here?

So I love to blog. I find Yahoo! 360 to be a good outlet for this. I do have my dislikes but it works easier than trying something new.

Today’s blog from the 360 team leads me to believe I should look for a method to back up my blog or just scrap what I have here and start looking elsewhere. This is similar to research done recently in a volunteer position I have had for many years to help transition a site with message boards to one without.

Anyway, the research means I know I have options – both paid and free. I just need to decide what I am going to do. I don’t want a blog on a Facebook or MySpace type of site. I have accounts at both but seldom even check them, let alone blog there.

I like that I can have photos from my flickr account right here on my page. It makes it easy and, despite others’ complaints, I am seeing flickr working better than Yahoo! Photos did.

I have, many times, wished I had the ability – as some other blog tools have – to categorize my blogs. I have a lot of people who read my blog for different reasons. My oldest daughter reads it almost daily to see what is going on at home. I have recently joined an art group who looks to blogs to see what the artist is creating and possibly instructions for such creations. I have a group of friends from the above site that look to blogs to see how people are dealing with organizational issues or goal setting issues. Some sites – wordpress comes most quickly to mind – allow categorizing blog entries. I have not found that to be allowed here but I have adapted. I highlight my art posts.

So off I go to look at blogspot, wordpress, typepad and other blogging tools. I am not sure if I will move all my blog posts here at Yahoo! I do know I will, at the least, copy them all into a word processing document so I can keep them. This will take a long time but be worth it as there are some items I wish to keep.

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