Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!

Yesterday I was going through my posts looking for a post about who knows what. The issue appeared that I had missed my blog’s birthday or the anniversary of the start of my blog. I should put in a reminder now for next year as I know it comes in November but I never remember… Continue reading Happy Blogoversary or Bloggy Birthday, Belated!

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Twenty-three Years Ago

Lately, I seem to be writing about anniversaries or birthdays.  Who knew so much went on at the beginning of the year? Twenty-three years ago today, I was in labor.  It was a Saturday.  I can picture the snow on the ground, not freshly fallen but piles of it that I had shoveled from storms… Continue reading Twenty-three Years Ago

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Twenty-five Years Ago Today

I know, who cares what happened on November 25th, 1984?  It is not a particularly important date in world history.  It is an important Sunday in my personal history.  Twenty-five years ago today I became a mother.   The day started out the same as many Sundays.  I woke up earlier than need be.  I… Continue reading Twenty-five Years Ago Today

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Birthday Cake for the Twins

I cannot remember the last time I celebrated the twins’ birthday with them.  They were born 22 years ago last Saturday.  Since college started, they have always been away at college for their birthday.   This year, my daughter asked if I would bake a birthday cake before they left to go back to their… Continue reading Birthday Cake for the Twins