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Birth Day

Culture dictates we wish people a happy birthday. What about those of us who gave birth? That day is special for us, also.


28 years ago, this ninja came into the world. It was the last day of preschool. I was almost a full two weeks overdue. The twins had already spent the week at Aunt Alice’s but that visit was mistimed. My mother and aunt had arrived from California the evening prior and were at the farm, my grandparents’ home.

This morning I looked back over TimeHop and found years of wishing Suz happy birthday. Those years followed the birth story in about to tell y’all.

I picked up the three kids after a half day of preschool to go to the farm. About 430, I called my then husband to tell him we were staying for dinner. At 5,the contractions started fast and furious. My mother and I fought for five minutes or so over who was driving back to Binghamton.

Once at home, we couldn’t find my husband. I called a cab. My mother was furious with the driver when he asked me off he could pick up another fare at the laundromat down the hill. I laughed and, after we pulled away, I told him to get the other fare.

After going through registration at the hospital, the nurses in the birthing center tried to prepare me for disappointment. I was scheduled for a VBAC but my OB/GYN was out of town. They were unsure the doctor on call for mine would allow that. He did. Of course, he also retired two weeks later. I’m sure my delivery of Suz had nothing to do work that.

Next, the nurses went into the hall to decide who would pay coach as my husband had still not shown up. Just as they made a decision, Jim walked in at 8pm. Suz came into the world at 814, my only evening birth.

Needless to say, mythos birth was different from the other four in so many ways. Suz is still charting her own course today.

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