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Birthday Cake for the Twins

I cannot remember the last time I celebrated the twins’ birthday with them.  They were born 22 years ago last Saturday.  Since college started, they have always been away at college for their birthday.


This year, my daughter asked if I would bake a birthday cake before they left to go back to their respective “other” lives.  Both would have cake and celebrations with their college friends on their actual birthdays but she wanted cake with the family.  She also wanted to see how to bake a cake and follow a recipe out of the cookbook she got for Christmas.  Unfortunately, as time somehow disappears quickly, she did not watch me bake or even mix the cake but I did make a Chiffon Spice Cake with Chocolate Icing for the twins’ 22nd birthday.

Happy Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Cake


The recipe was a simple chiffon spice cake out of the Betty Crocker cookbook I received 30 years ago from my mother.  The cake was meant to be baked in a tube  pan but she wanted a layer cake so I guessed on time and did two rounds.

If you are looking for a great cake, let me know and I will pass on the recipe.

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