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What Makes You Think You Are Old?

I realize that I am soon going to enter into that period in my life called empty nest.  What an odd term to use for a life that is suddenly free of putting the kids and their activities and “obligations” before your own. 


I knew I was getting older when, last summer, my oldest was in a wedding of a close college friend of his.  This was not a ring bearer type thing.  He was a groomsman.


My oldest daughter, who with her twin brother turned 22 last Saturday, has a good friend getting married this summer and her best friend from high school, whose wedding she will be in, getting married next summer.


But, the thing that makes me think back over my years most is the fact that my high school class is planning its 30th reunion for this summer.  I cannot imagine where those 30 years have gone.  There are people that I have not seen in 20 of those 30 years.  Many I have no idea what they are even doing now.  It is amazing to think that that much time has gone by.


Anyway, if you are a member of the OFA Class of 1979, let me know.  The reunion is planned for the weekend of July 11 this summer.

3 thoughts on “What Makes You Think You Are Old?

  1. Nicki,

    I plan to be there if it doesn’t conflict with my son’s Little League tournament. Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Sean – Great! Hope it works out but I remember Little League days and you never know when those tournaments will happen.

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