Just my Thoughts

Hello, September!

Woot! I love the month of September.

Autumn Tree

Back in NY, the leaves would start to change and even start dropping in September. Yes, I love the color. I cannot wait to see the color here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. That is not the main reason for my love of September. I think autumn/fall would be my favorite season but I truly love all four seasons, each for a different reason.

The big reason for my love of September is it is my birth month. Actually, it is the birth month for a lot of my family. I have two sisters born in September. My paternal grandmother was born in September. I have several cousins with September birthdays. And, if memory serves me correctly, my maternal grandfather was born in September.

I’m looking forward to a great push to end this year in a wonderful way. This year’s birthday is a milestone of sorts. Of course, after a certain point in life, all birthdays are milestones. I turn 55 in less than two weeks. I am going hiking for my birthday. I want to get to the summit in the wilderness area I was at two weeks ago. It’s doable. I may do it alone or I may take a friend with me.

Happy September!! Tomorrow will be a goal review and reset for the last quarter of 2016.

Do you celebrate your birth just on one day or the whole week? Whole month?

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