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Twenty-three Years Ago

Lately, I seem to be writing about anniversaries or birthdays.  Who knew so much went on at the beginning of the year?

Twenty-three years ago today, I was in labor.  It was a Saturday.  I can picture the snow on the ground, not freshly fallen but piles of it that I had shoveled from storms since Christmas.  You see, the twins turn 23 today.

The doctor had told me, regardless of a February due date, I would have those babies around Christmas.  The disability from week 26 on seemed to have worked as those two liked where they were and were not coming into the cold, harsh winter any sooner than necessary.

The day was not the quiet planned birth I had anticipated.  The day quickly filled with yelling.  The doctor was in surgery but wanted an ultrasound done.  One of the twins had been breech.  Was she still?  The nurse was screaming that taking me to radiology would guarantee I delivered babies in radiology.  Who knew I was that far along?  A portable x-ray and I was put out.  One twin still breech, the doctor was taking no chances and did an emergency c-section.

My first memory in recovery was the nurse telling me that Baby A was 7 pounds, 15 ounces and Baby B was 5 pounds, 11 ounces.  I told her, in a groggy state, those couldn’t be my babies.  I had twins.

The Twins (#2 and #3) Christmas 1987

Happy Birthday, #2 and #3!!!!!

20 thoughts on “Twenty-three Years Ago

  1. Nicki, every new fact I learn about you amazes me. Not only did you carry and birth twins – but big ones!

    Both of my boys were breech…hmm, is there a metaphor there somewhere? (You know me, always looking for metaphors!)

    Happy birthday to the twins!

    1. Kristen – I was told I would deliver at least six weeks early. I delivered at 38 1/2 weeks so essentially full term. If only Baby A (#2) had shared some size and nourishment with Baby B (#3)…to this day, they are like day and nigh.

  2. i gotta echo what kristen said…you carried some big ‘ens. my wife went 36 weeks and 1 day. aside from being preposterously hot, she’s also tough as nails, as her marathon pregnancy would attest.

    boys were both 4lbs 9oz and baby girl was 3lbs 5oz.

    nicki, you’re officially my hero for raising them.

    nice post!

    1. Ah, but she had more babies than I did. And, to put it in perspective #1 was 9 pounds, #4 9pounds, 1 ounce, #5 9 pounds 2 ounces, #6 6 pounds, 13 ounces (the problem pregnancy).

  3. Wow, guess they were determined to not wear preemie clothes, huh? I can not imagine the discomfort of carrying nearly 13 pounds of baby several weeks past expectations. Kudos to you. My husband was breach and born without C-section. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the standard, even 36 years ago, but he came out mooning the world, nonetheless.

    1. I knew – going in – that there was a chance of a C-section if the one baby hadn’t turned. The doctor was willing to chance a vaginal birth on Baby A in hopes of a turn but said if Baby B didn’t turn, I would get the best of both worlds. I agreed – one breech, knock me out.

  4. Happy Happy birthday to your twins! I hope you’re doing something special for yourself today too for going through that emergency to bring them into this world!

    1. Watching hockey and football. Making a yummy dinner and schlepping #6 back and forth to high school musical production rehearsal. Just the normal Sunday for me, Becca!

  5. Happy Birthday to them! My eldest was a foot first breech. I went to preterm when his foot poked through and my water broke. The turd bird couldn’t wait to get out! 🙂

    Again, Happy Birthday to them!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!! That is quite a birth story!!

    Okay, Charlotte’s comment made me laugh out loud. “Mooning the world?!?!?” Who thinks of that?

    : )

    1. Ambrosia – I have a few of those – birth stories. LOL! Number 4’s is real good. Wait til May!

      And yup!!! Moon away!

  7. I just love that you were conversant after delivering twins! And not twin size, mind you (My one boy was 5 lbs and 10 oz. — preemie by a month). The photo is CUTE beyond words).

    Also loved your guest post at Motherese. You kind of remind me of a scene in the Sound of Music where the baroness asks Maria, “What can’t you do?!”

    1. Oh, it was well after delivery! I was under a general anesthesia but was sure the nurse was telling me about the wrong babies.

      LOL!! When people ask “how do you do it?” The answer is simply – you do what you have to and hope and pray it is enough.

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