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Winter Has Arrived

Not sure where you live but Winter Storm Boreas – if you follow weather, you may have noticed last winter The Weather Channel began naming winter storms – is giving upstate NY an early taste of winter. How early you may ask? Well, we have had snow earlier than this but not the bitter cold that has come before this snow and is staying after. I had a friend who had a frozen pipe on Sunday morning.

As I am thinking about holiday prep and gift giving – look for a gift guide next week, I popped in on Facebook to find a blog prompt about favorite winter running item. I am not sure I have a favorite but I will tell you I will be sure to pack this item when I head to Asheville in March for the Asheville Marathon and Half at Biltmore Estate.

You see, I’m a sweater. Not the clothing article but I sweat profusely when I run, even in winter weather. Hats make me too warm. I tend to wear a visor to prevent overheating and keep the sun out of my eyes in the summer but in the winter, I take out my Earbags. Until I discovered these wonders two years ago, I ran with a fleece headband that covered my ears. My mother has always said my timing is impeccable and undoubtedly, I cut my hair short just in time for cold weather so my ears suffer. Earbags allow me to run with my mp3 player without any trouble and keep my ears toasty while allowing my head to breathe a bit. Unlike ear muffs that I have, these do not move around as I run so do not hurt my ears. All I need is one more place to remember to apply BodyGlide. Not necessary with my Earbags.

Earbags courtesy of
Earbags courtesy of

I strongly recommend Earbags for anyone who has to run in winter – where winter is cold – weather.

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