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October Review

With the passing of October comes the holidays and only two months left in 2013. November also brings my fall marathon. Busy month but not so busy that I am not going to look back on how I did in October.

I am still holding out on race 13 even though September’s Ragnar was an official race. I ran no races towards 13 in 2013. I did spend a huge weekend of running associated fun, though. The weekend of October 19 & 20 saw me working the finish line at a local 5K & 10K on Saturday and photographing the inaugural Hambletonian marathon on Sunday.

As I said back in October, there is no way I am going to make my mileage goals for the year. I aimed, in January, for 2013 overall miles – running, biking, swimming (which I have done none of), walking – this year. My overall mileage is at 1119. This includes running, biking, walking and swimming. To be honest, I have not done much but running and walking. Running is another story all together. My running miles for the year have just topped 1000 and are at 1024. My goal for the year is 1500 and that is not likely to happen. As I have said before, it took me three years to hit 1000 miles running for the year so I am not horribly upset to miss this goal the second year I have tried to hit it.

I read three books in October so that helped with the fact that I read none in September. I’m beginning to think I should have done my books goal by pages as two of the three books were over 400 pages each. I am behind by three books and on top of that need to read two each month so to hit my 24 goal, I need to read 7 books between now and the end of the year.

November adds in the goal of writing 50,000 words in NaNoWriMo.

Do you review your goals periodically? 

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