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Come #runBlueRidge

People said I was crazy last year when I said I was heading to Roanoke, Virginia to run the Blue Ridge Marathon. Who thinks it’s a good idea to run a marathon that owns – and proudly so – the title “America’s Toughest Road Race?” I do and I loved it so much I’m going back this April and want to invite you to come with me.

Blue Ridge is teasing that something new is up with the half. I am sure they are adding more mountains to it. You can not have the half not be as tough as the full. No half as tough allowed.


Blue Ridge Marathon
Blue Ridge Marathon

So now that I have made it clear that this is going to take some work, aren’t you ready to see some wonderful sights? Want to read all about last year’s and what I thought? Go here where there are several posts about Blue Ridge.

The views were majestic!
The views were majestic!

Yes, that is one of the views from the 2012 Blue Ridge Marathon. So let’s think. Bragging rights to running a race that is tough. Great views. Wonderful city to hang out in.

I’m giving you the chance to win an entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me the hardest race you’ve ever run. Want a few extra entries? Leave a separate comment for each of these items:

I will use a random number generator to choose a winner on Monday morning, November 25th. You have five chances to enter. If you already do any of the following or liking, leave a separate comment and get an extra entry.

Do not forget. Leave a comment and tell me – what’s the hardest race you’ve run?


22 thoughts on “Come #runBlueRidge

  1. The Asheville half marathon is the toughest race I’ve ever run! Who knew you could design a 13.1 mile course all uphill?? 🙂

  2. The most challenging race I’ve ever run was a trail 5 miler this summer. The race began with a steep incline for about 150 feet and then continued to be hilly and technical. Add in mid-August heat and it turned in to the first time I ever thought I would be sick at the end of a race. Took a few minutes to cool off and managed to enjoy post race pizza and beer! Tough, but amazing.

  3. The hardest race I’ve run? That’s a tough one. There’s three that stand out in mind. War at Windrock. A 2-day 3-stage 50K. The 2nd Stage was an all uphill 10K that took me just over 2:30 to complete. The Norris Dam 50K Dam Hard Trail race in Sept. That was my first 50K. Very tough indeed. My most recent completed race: The Dirt Circuit. 12 hour trail race on a relatively flat 5K trail loop. I’ve never run that far or that long. 10 miles in and my knee was killing me. I continued and finished regardless but was in a ton of pain even though I was eating vitamin-I like they were smarties. 😛 Haven’t run much since because of my knee, but hoping to get good news from the ortho today.

      1. Good news from the doc. No structural or mechanical problems. Just overuse. Rx. Take it easy and rest. Ran today, hardly any pain. Woot!

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