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Monthly Goal Review

Oh I am so behind! It is more than halfway through the month and I haven’t reviewed last month’s progress. It is really important to know if you are on target or not. Fitness I will not run any full marathons this year. And this is still holding firm. I do not foresee that this will… Continue reading Monthly Goal Review

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Goal Review

I try, at the beginning of each month, to look at how I am doing with my annual goals. This is harder this month as this first week in May is bringing about a child getting married and culminating in my moving to North Carolina. Here I go with where I am. Fitness I am still not running a full marathon. I have not been tempted to… Continue reading Goal Review

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November in the Rear View Mirror

Another post that is going to have a bit of this and that in it, I think. November is gone and it was a tough month for goals being reached. Ran race 13 (Richmond Marathon) and race 14 (Pete Keyes 5 Miler Turkey Trot) this month so have reached my goal of 13 in 2013.… Continue reading November in the Rear View Mirror

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Review of Last Year’s Aspirations

Here are my aspirations from last year.  I have a section below that sort of lists where I went with them. Have my art published somewhere. I am aiming for print publication but in an online zine will work also. Help the twins make the transition from high school to college smoothly. Finish decluttering garage… Continue reading Review of Last Year’s Aspirations