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Goal Review

With the end of September comes the last quarter of 2013.  I cannot believe that we are that close to being done with this year. The entire year has just flew past.

My 13 in 2013 goal is essentially done. I ran the Ragnar Relay in the Adirondacks in September. I am not filling in spot 13 with this race on the tracking sheet simply because I don’t know how. I have a few more races coming up this year, including my fall marathon, so getting 13 will not be an issue. I did notice, though, that I truly frontloaded the calendar with races. Seems odd since the weather in my area in the beginning of the  year is always questionable.

I am definitely not going to make my mileage goals for the year. I aimed, in January, for 2013 overall miles – running, biking, swimming (which I have done none of), walking – this year and at the end of September I am firmly behind. I have logged a total of 1020 overall miles. Running is another story all together. My running miles at the end of September were 930. My goal for the year is 1500 and that is not likely to happen. As I said last month, it took me three years to hit 1000 miles running for the year so I am not horribly upset to miss this goal the second year I have tried to hit it.

I took a whole week off from running prior to my daughter’s wedding. This was not originally the plan but I was very busy with last minute details so it is what it is. I have also fallen off the logging of my food. I am going to get back to the logging of food. It is truly the best thing for me.

I also finished no new books in September. I do, though, still think I can reach 24 books for the year. I am currently reading three different books. I need to finish all three and get reading on some more. I am currently about 7 books behind – I think. Still reachable. I hope.

Last month when I posted my goal look back, I swore I was going to hit 1500th blog post but I did not. I will, though, hit it in October. AND, will manage to get together a giveaway for that occasion.

Do you review your goals periodically? Can you guess when I will post my 1500th blog post?

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