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New Badge on My Blog

Race ambassador. There’s no definition in the dictionary. The title means something different to every race.

Most races will give a race ambassador a free race entry. In return, the ambassador helps get the word out about the race.

I’m happy to let you all know I am a race ambassador for the Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate.

Asheville Marathon
Asheville Marathon

The Asheville Marathon had its inaugural running this past spring. I’m sure those who ran it might disagree with me as I see to recall the windchill being 8F but it was definitely spring. I’m hoping for slightly warmer temperatures on March 16, 2014.

The marathon runs entirely on private property, the Biltmore Estate – home to the Vanderbilts, in Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is along the Blue Ridge Mountain range which I have a deep love for so this is just a natural extension of my running in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Look for more to come between now and March about this marathon and my training for it.


6 thoughts on “New Badge on My Blog

  1. The race this past year was held on March 3rd, and it was bone chillingly cold. It was a fluke of nature, as it normally is not that cold there in March.

  2. yet another race within a reasonable drive over the St. patrick’s day weekend that I won’t do! I have my loyalty with Shamrock.

    Congrats on becoming an ambassador!

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