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Review of Last Year’s Aspirations

Here are my aspirations from last year.  I have a section below that sort of lists where I went with them.

  • Have my art published somewhere. I am aiming for print publication but in an online zine will work also.
  • Help the twins make the transition from high school to college smoothly.
  • Finish decluttering garage so that at least one car will fit in it. Since, at this precise moment, that is all the cars we have, it would be nice. The unfortunate, or unrealistic, part about this is the garage is the only storage space I have so it may not really work as a garage for a car.
  • Finish Simple Abundance totally this year.
  • Read one new book each month.
  • Keep a monthly goal of miles walked. Try to meet or exceed the monthly goal each month.
  • Work to establish a new budget starting in June with the new college expenses that will come with two more teens going off to college in August.
  • Utilize menu planning to maximize the money spent on food.

While I submitted many places and in many formats, I did not reach my goal of being published in 2005. I am going to carry this aspiration over to 2006 with more detailed steps to getting published.

Aspiration 2 is definite! Both twins have had successful first semesters.   Elise had a low grade of an A- so even though homesick on occasion, she made the academic transition.  The homesickness went away as she got more involved on campus.

Aspiration 3 is well, unrealistic.   This has not happened. I did some decluttering over the summer months but not enough for a car to fit in. I am going to keep working on it throughout the 2006 year but most likely will not do much until at least March due to weather.

Simple Abundance was read in totality.  This did happen. I have started a 2006 group in aspire: book group at

Overall, the books I read in 2006 would average out to one new book per month. Actually, I read 25 new books, not including re-reads, in 2005. Unfortunately, I seem to clump these and do not read consistently throughout the year. I will work on this more in 2006.

Any fitness goal I had sort of fell by the wayside as work picked up. I am going to try this again this year.   I am going to set a miles goal for the year and break it into monthly chunks that reflect the walking weather here in upstate NY.

I am working slightly out of my budget at the moment so need work in this area.

I do utilize menu planning occasionally but do not do it regularly so need more work here also.   By utilizing this on a regular basis, I hope to keep within my food budget and introduce my family to a more varied, healthy diet.

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