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Aspirations for 2006

Well, I have sat and looked at last year’s aspirations and goals. I have noted where they have gone, been accomplished or otherwise. Now I need to work these into my life in 2006.

  • Submit art and get published. To this end, I am going to try to create something at least three days a week. My creating has gone to the wayside as work has increased. I am also, as a way to get published, going to look ahead to the themes major art magazines will have in 2006 so that I may have a creation on hand to submit. I will also join at least three swaps a month to keep me creating whether I want to or not. So basically, there are several steps within this one goal.
  • Help Susan make a successful transition to all facets of college life – social, athletic (more on her own that coach run) and academic.
  • Work on reorganizing the garage. The goal of being able to fit a car in it is rather unrealistic but it is possible to get it reorganized so that I am not afraid to open the door.
  • Lead Simple Abundance faithfully this year. Be sure to post a starter to each monthly thread.
  • Be more active as a mod at
  • Read 2 books a month – including re-reads.
  • Fitness – I will walk 500 miles this year. In past years, I have done a month by month goal and then get disappointed when I don’t reach it. I will say this – Jan and Feb will have 20 miles each. I will list the rest of the months by mid-Feb. I will walk more during the summer months here due to our lovely weather.
  • Fitness 2 – Once the kids are back at school and the tree is put away, mid-month, I will do Pilates 4 times a week.
  • Budget – I will attempt to not overdraw my debit account at all in any given month this year. Sometimes this is hard for me. It should be easier this year as I renegotiated my pay structure mid-year last year and it is a set amount per week.
  • Budget 2 – I will pay my utility – electric and gas come together – on time.
  • Budget 3 – I will pay off debt as I can.
  • I will become adept at utilizing menu planning so as to maximize the money spent on food and the variety in our diets.

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