Just my Thoughts

Grand Plan or Grand Unplan

I have always been working on a “grand plan” but this time I am talking about a deep cleaning plan for my home.  My mother says I am very much like her.  I don’t like to clean but I do it.  I just don’t necessarily do it regularly.  I do the daily things – laundry, dishes – regularly.  I don’t do the sweeping, vaccing regularly.  I need to start.

I always thought a little support would help me.  Having to be accountable to someone other than myself – question is why do I think being accountable to someone else is more important than being accountable to myself – would make me do what I say.  It doesn’t.  I like to work on my own time table.  I find it hard to not be deep cleaning the same room as everyone else.  I don’t find the support in it.  On top of that, my week usually starts on Wed, with a big push over the weekend, and then putting the room back together again at the beginning of the week.

You would think I could do it, knowing all that.  Doesn’t seem to be working this time.

Oh well….off to clean!

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