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Monthly Goal Review

Oh I am so behind! It is more than halfway through the month and I haven’t reviewed last month’s progress.

On target or not?
On target or not?

It is really important to know if you are on target or not.


I will not run any full marathons this year. And this is still holding firm. I do not foresee that this will change for next  year either. I’m doing well not running a full marathon.

I will end the year with a combined mileage of 2016. And September included a whopping 29 miles. Regardless of that, I ran a half marathon this month. Woot!

I will embrace strength training. Still not consistent with this. I really need to set goals that I might achieve.



I am still without goals for family. Both of my goals were achieved in May.



I am working on savings now that I am set up with an account here in North Carolina. It is not going swimmingly but it is going.



I will find and join an Asheville CSA. I did not join a CSA which has turned out for the best as I am not in Asheville itself. I have been going to the farmstand near me and love buying whatever is available.

I will menu plan. This I have been a total failure at and have no idea why. I start out each month good and then just give it up. It was much easier to menu plan for a family than for one person.

I will eat whole, healthy foods. This is a given for me. I am not even sure why I chose it as a goal. It is always what I do.

Do you regularly review your goals? I have been doing it more with my business the last few months but had not  until then.


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