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Short and Sweet

I’m taking part in a five day challenge on Facebook. Most of you all know I am a Twitter person over Facebook but this challenge was too good to be true as it is something I have wanted to recommend to a client of mine. I think using Facebook Live – which is what the challenge is based on – would benefit my client in both book sales and in getting her speaking and teaching engagements.


That all said, the one thing I am coming away with is short and sweet. The live videos are suppose to be two minutes. While I know that staring at a blank page and having to write something that will take you two minutes to say can be daunting, two minutes is not a lot of time. I saw this in person on Sunday evening with my client. She was giving a talk at a local bookstore. She didn’t think she would be able to talk for 15-20 minutes. She talked closer to 30-40 minutes.


No, I’m not going to put you all through the short videos I did for this challenge but I am going to be doing some Facebook Live videos on the fan page for the blog in upcoming days. I want to know more about the people who read this and who are fans on Facebook. I think to want to know more about you all means you should know more about me. I’m going to do that using Facebook Live.

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