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Daily Schedule

I joined the #startrightendright challenge for the month of August. I don’t think I start my day off poorly. I get up and start making coffee. I head into my living room and generally turn on the local news. I do some quick meditation and then some brain work (I prefer jigsaw puzzles but anything… Continue reading Daily Schedule

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Not Just Charms Challenge

This month at the Yahoo! group The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts the “Not Just Charms” challenge is to make charms out of game pieces.  Last month focused on buttons.  December was actual charms. I have struggled with this idea.  I have set aside wooden dominoes to make charms out of.  I wonder if… Continue reading Not Just Charms Challenge

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Art Doll Challenge

One of my favorite Yahoo! groups is The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts.  This month there is an art doll challenge.  I sat down yesterday, in the midst of the Super Bowl madness, and designed two dolls.  One is done and the other is drying still.  The challenge goes like this – Create an… Continue reading Art Doll Challenge

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Run on a Clear, Sunny Sunday Morning

So today’s run was more like a short run and an extended walk, then another short run, then a stop for some pics, then run, then walk, then stop. My run to the hermitage and back – approximately 2.4 miles – took 44 minutes. That is record slow time. To make up for the record… Continue reading Run on a Clear, Sunny Sunday Morning

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Traditions – An October Altered Book Challenge

And what a challenge it was! I had visions in my head. I knew what I wanted to do. There were words flying around my mind. Then, I started looking for stamps that were representative of these words. I started looking through my drawers for things that said the words – ribbons, envelopes, pictures. I… Continue reading Traditions – An October Altered Book Challenge