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Run on a Clear, Sunny Sunday Morning

Looking Ahead Down the Road

So today’s run was more like a short run and an extended walk, then another short run, then a stop for some pics, then run, then walk, then stop.

The Hermitage

My run to the hermitage and back – approximately 2.4 miles – took 44 minutes. That is record slow time.

On the Way Back

To make up for the record slow time, I have about 15 images from my very old – in the digital world – digital camera. Some of these images are for a digital altering challenge and some are just for me.

A Look South on Bradley Creek

The run was sunny and beautiful. The water in the creek was running but not as loudly as earlier this week. The road was quiet as it was early on a Sunday morning. I didn’t run into any hawks, turkeys or deer this morning. I did see a couple of planes either taking off or landing at the local airport.

Which Way Home?

 Great run!!

One thought on “Run on a Clear, Sunny Sunday Morning

  1. Mother of six who still has time to get out and get some exercise? That is impressive. I have three kids, ran this morning and was happy to be home by 9AM. My running partner insists on early morning runs to get out before her daughter wakes up, and to get home in time for church. Here’s to all the early rising Moms! I look forward to reading your blog and learning more about Simple Abundance.


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