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The Timetable Debate

The one thing I left out of my lengthy diatribe about the GOP debate from January 30th is the timetable debate or name calling. Again, this was a discussion (again, I hope irony or sarcasm in blog terms comes from italics) between John McCain and Mitt Romney.  Who else would it have been between since I think… Continue reading The Timetable Debate

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CNN’s Republican Debate

Probably the only thing I liked about last night’s GOP debate was the setting.  No one could have picked a beautiful and more significant location than the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  Setting the four potential nominees in front of Air Force One from the Reagan era and having Nancy Regan in the front row was… Continue reading CNN’s Republican Debate

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Wax Resist

In our (a group of artists online) neverending way to work our way through Mary Todd Beam’s Celebrate Your Creative Self, we have been working on some white space in paintings. I understand the need for white space but I have trouble keeping it in creations. One method discussed in the books is wax resist.… Continue reading Wax Resist

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Just what is a debate?

Okay, I went to the dictionary. The synonyms for the word debate in the noun format are argument, controversy, disputation, contention. I guess I am way off, then, in saying that the recent “no rules” debates held on CNN are not what they should be. I delved further looking to see why I always thought… Continue reading Just what is a debate?