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The Other Kennedy Endorsement

If any endorsement has made me think I should further investigate Barrack Obama, it was the Kennedy endorsement in the NY Times that did it.  No, I am not referring to Senator Ted Kennedy.  I already told you that I laughed so hard at his endorsement and the irony involved in it, my stomach hurt. … Continue reading The Other Kennedy Endorsement

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Kennedy Endorses Obama

I cannot believe that I was the only one watching Senator Ted Kennedy today as he endorsed Barrack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination who was thinking of the irony in what Kennedy had to say.  I was trying so hard not to laugh at the words Kennedy was professing that I had a stomach… Continue reading Kennedy Endorses Obama

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Valentines for the Troops

Lori Roberts lives in Las Vegas.  She works at an arts and crafts store – Michael’s – and has convinced them to supply the raw materials to make Valentines to send to our troops in harms way.  Since Nellis AFB is nearby, they will transport these cards.  I told Lori I would help her.  I… Continue reading Valentines for the Troops