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The Other Kennedy Endorsement

If any endorsement has made me think I should further investigate Barrack Obama, it was the Kennedy endorsement in the NY Times that did it.  No, I am not referring to Senator Ted Kennedy.  I already told you that I laughed so hard at his endorsement and the irony involved in it, my stomach hurt.  I could care less what he says.  I am referring to his niece, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has spent her life as an attorney, a writer, an editor.  She has shied away from the more public eye of the political life.  She has not invoked her family name to influence others. 

Her thoughtful written prose on why she feels Barrack Obama should be the next President of the United States did more to move me to look at Obama’s positions on the issues than anything her uncle could have said.

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