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Kennedy Endorses Obama

I cannot believe that I was the only one watching Senator Ted Kennedy today as he endorsed Barrack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination who was thinking of the irony in what Kennedy had to say.  I was trying so hard not to laugh at the words Kennedy was professing that I had a stomach ache when I was done.

First, it is Ted Kennedy.  The man was first elected to the United States Senate when I was one year old.  Granted, I stuffed envelopes as a 12 year old for George McGovern, but I have only been able to vote for a little under 30 years.  Senator Kennedy is a Washington fixture.  He has history there.  There is probably not a Democrat that is more in the Washington circle than Ted Kennedy.

Second, it is Ted Kennedy talking about change.  I don’t know that Ted Kennedy has ever thought about change.  Yes, he did back civil rights in the 60’s but was there a democrat who didn’t?  He is more about business as usual, than change.  The irony keeps coming.

Third, do you not find it ironic that a man who has worked in the US Senate for 42 years thinks the people – the majority of whom have not yet voted in the presidential primaries – cannot decide for themselves who to vote for?  This is definitely a political thought.  He knows better than you or I and wants to be sure we know it to.

I fully support Ted Kennedy – as well as any other registered voter in the United States – to pick who he wishes to support for president.  I do not want to know why he thinks the rest of need to know what he thinks months before the convention, at least a week before the largest primary day on the calendar.

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