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February, A Look In The Rearview

As I alluded to yesterday, a post was coming about February and any and all progress I made towards my 2016 goals. While the bullseye has not yet been hit, I am making steady progress in most areas.


I have managed to continue on my 12 month journey to not run any full marathons. I am currently not registered for anything above a half marathon.

My annual mileage goal took a little beating in February. I did not get on my bike at all. I did manage to get in a total of 77 miles, with 65 of those being running. So far this year I am at 204 miles total. I am not overly concerned as I know summer miles will be higher than winter miles. And, while we had a mild February, it was a busy one for me.

I am totally embracing strength training. I am three weeks into a 30 day program from BeFit that involves a lot of upper and lower body strength training. While I have not been perfect on this training, I do it almost all days and find it challenging. It also involves a lot of core work, which I need. I will be reviewing the whole program shortly here as part of a campaign through Fit Approach.


The wedding in May is getting closer and closer. I managed to get my dress for the wedding this month. The bride-to-be, my oldest daughter and the bride-to-be’s mother and I all went dress shopping one Saturday. I can’t wait to wear this dress.

I am heading to Asheville next week for the first time since December. While the real reason for going is to race on the Biltmore Estate, I am also going to look for housing and take a load of stuff down with me. This means I need to get a storage unit there but it will be good to get some of the boxes out of my house.

Unrelated to all my goals, February was a moving month for my family. My oldest moved, though stayed here locally. My younger daughter moved to the Southside of Pittsburgh. My youngest moved back to this area from West Virginia.


The QDRO is still not back from the courts. This final piece of my divorce is what I would like to have taken care of before leaving New York State.

I will pay off one of my Parent Plus loans. This has not yet happened because of the QDRO not being returned yet.

I will put money into a savings account for a rainy day. I have also not gotten started on this yet. I am working my way through this but may need to wait until I am moved to get a good start.


I will find and join a CSA in Asheville. I have done the research and intend to do more while I have my feet on the ground next week.

I will menu plan. I have been remiss in this but am getting better at it again. I use to menu plan all the time. Now I am more free with it. I will sketch out in my mind what I want for food and then buy all ingredients. This means I know I can make X, Y and Z. I do not write down what is for which days.

I will eat whole, healthy foods. I have not bought any fast foods. I make my meals from scratch.

I have been remiss in getting goals for my blog out in public. I am hoping to work on that this month. I am also going to say that I spent a lot of February on education. Technology moves quickly and we all need to keep up on the best practices. I have a stack of notes and plan to use them to implement some changes.

I also read 18+ books last month. I say plus because I know that I did not put all the books I read into Goodreads. I also know that I read parts of several books for research purposes.

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