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January in Review

We all know we can’t meet our goals if we don’t keep track of progress so here’s how I did in January. You can find my original goal post here.

On target or not?
On target or not?

I ran 51 miles in January. While this is not a twelfth of the 1500 mile goal I set, I am building my miles and will have bigger months. I did hold to my ‘not running more than four days a week’ so am happy on that count. Those four days are easier in the winter due to weather. Not so sure what summer will hold.

While not as consistent with Rockin’ Body as I would like, I have been doing a lot of snow shoveling and, in February, am trying yoga for the first time ever.

My food goals have basically been ignored. I have not menu planned. Nor have I found a CSA. I’m still considering going back to using

I have managed to save some money and hope to keep that up. The goal would have been to have $10 in savings by the end of January and I am slightly ahead of that line.

How often do you check in with your annual goals, aspirations or resolutions?

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