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Training Update

If you recall, I had a two month hiatus from running. With a March 15th half scheduled in Asheville, I have been silently cursing both last year’s injury and the current weather.

Not bundled up enough for current weather
Not bundled up enough for current weather

Last week I ran five miles. Good news is that was five miles outside. More good news, it was at a fairly reasonable pace. Yup, with all that good news, there has to be some bad. Bad news is it was ONLY five miles.

On the other hand, I logged 15 total miles last week. Say what? I wear my Garmin as I shovel my driveway. I walked ten miles last week while shoveling. Shoveling miles are not just walking. It’s like doing squats also, especially considering the snow is high enough I have to lift up to pile the snow.

Feb 2 Storm (so much more snow now)
Feb 2 Storm (so much more snow now)

Am I going to run a half marathon in four weeks? You know it. Will I be PRing? Probably not but I’ll enjoy the landscape of the Biltmore Estate as I run those 13.1 miles.

Are you currently training? How’s training going?

4 thoughts on “Training Update

      1. I will be driving in on Saturday morning. Staying at Biltmore House, as I am pacing the Half. Looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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