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Goals, Aspirations, Resolutions

It’s a new year. For some reason, we seem programmed to evaluate and start reshaping our lives at the start of new years. Why we don’t pick March 15 or April 15 is beyond me. I do not really call these resolutions. These are goals. Hopefully, with an injury free year, I’ll meet all my goals.

I use to use the word aspiration, not goal or resolution. I even looked all three up and wrote about the difference in the three here.

For 2015, I’m looking at several different areas of my life – what I call my four F’s. Below is what I am working towards in this new year.

I will transfer my goals to this graphic and submit it to Another Mother Runner.
I will transfer my goals to this graphic and submit it to Another Mother Runner.


Running is my main focus of my fitness component. I will run half marathons but no full marathons in 2015. This was actually a thought of mine in 2014 but the chance to run Marine Corps Marathon was just too tempting.

I will run 1500 miles. I think this is a stretch and I often think going outside what is comfortable is important in goals.

I will not run more than four days a week. This is my nod to the fact, as I age, recovery is taking more time. This is also the goal I feel, looking at things right now, will fall the soonest. While I admit I need the recovery time, I do not like it.

I will embrace cross training. To this end – and because I felt my strongest and most fit when I was not only running but also swimming and taking a kick boxing class, Iasked for, and received, Rockin’ Body – a Beachbody workout DVD set – for Christmas. I’ve even started this already.


I am going to menu plan. I’ve taken, since my relationship started, to eating out more than I like so am hoping to change that by planning. I may or may not post menu plans here.

I am also looking for a CSA again. Last year I was lucky I didn’t find one as I was out of town a lot the summer and last six months of the year.

I may – I’m leaning towards it – go back to using The accountability is wonderful and I feel, without high mileage weeks, I need it.



I am again going to attempt to save money. I am using the save a dollar for the week number. Week one you save one dollar. Week two, two dollars. Hopefully, I can swing this method.



Goals involving family tend to not be as specific as I think a goal should be but I’m putting them in writing anyway. The reason for the lack of specificity is that these goals involve other people.

I am going to support my children as best I can. As of Saturday, only one will be living at home. Supporting those not at home is hard but doable.

I’m also, most likely, going to spend a good deal of the year in California. I do not know how long so this is not very specific.

Do you set goals? Aspirations? Resolutions? How do you keep up on them throughout the year? Check back tomorrow for some ways I’m working on my goals for this year.

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