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I’ve found online challenges to help with the accountability of my goals, including some not in my Four Fs I talked about yesterday. The biggest one I want to talk about today is a photo challenge.

I have tried before to do a photo a day but have issues with that. I get to a point where I forget or just get fed up with photos I don’t like. This challenge has a weekly theme and I will recap weekly on my blog.

I’m writing about this now so you can join in if you’d like. I’m hoping to use my DSLR mostly for the photos but my guess is this will not be the only camera I use. I have a point and shoot and also have my phone. I find photos of me easier with my phone as I can switch the camera on it.

I am, though, having a hard time trying to figure out one photo for the theme “who are you?”. As with all of us, there are so many facets to me and who I am that I cannot figure out where to start. Do I take a running/workout selfie? Do I take a photo of my kids? Do I take a photo of me at church? Do I take a photo of me writing or editing? I’m at a loss. Evidently, I’m not at a total loss, just a minor one.

Anyway, to let you in on the loss also, you can join the challenge here.

Other Accountability

Should you be looking for other methods of accountability, you may want to check out the following sites.

The reason you’ll see writing from me every day in January -#WriteandRun31

Run This Year – especially if you have mileage goals, here is where you head.


How do you keep up with your annual goals?

2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. I understand the commitment issues associated with such a challenge. As for a self descript image of ones self, I think you’ll figure it out. Who am I to suggest…LOL

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