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Detroit Finally Shows Up for a Game

  Okay, I admit. I made dinner – a really good turkey bolognese sauce and whole wheat spaghetti. I drank half of a bottle of Shiraz. I had to pick up my daughter from work at 3. It was annoying to me as I really wanted to watch the San Jose-Detroit hockey game. I went… Continue reading Detroit Finally Shows Up for a Game

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Monthly Visit – Aspirations 2007

I should start with – so much for monthly visits. I haven’t updated my progress on my 2007 aspirations since February. A lot can and has happened since then. Aspirations 2007 (look for monthly goals a bit later, start February) Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend interest. I just… Continue reading Monthly Visit – Aspirations 2007

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Finding Men – Oprah Style

  Okay, so it is 6:35 in the morning on a Saturday and I just finished watching yesterday’s Oprah show about finding men over 35. I really don’t know that there was any ground breaking news on this show but a lot of confirmation of things women probably already know. You need to project an… Continue reading Finding Men – Oprah Style