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Let’s All Act Like Adults

I had toyed with a run for board of education again this year. I did run one time before but lost the seat. Now, after having made time to go to the board meeting last evening, I am glad I made the decision to not run.

First, at the previous meeting, the superintendent had asked for dates people were or were not, which ever was easier, available for a series of workshops. In my adult mind, this would mean that prior to the meeting last night, all board members should email the superintendent dates for these workshops so he could present the dates at the meeting. I should have known better than to expect this type of coordination. I sat in the library during the meeting and listened as seven board members through out dates and yeses and nos – some without calendars in front of them to know – until some possible dates were decided on for these meetings.

Then, came the absolute kicker for me. I admit I live by my calendar. I am constantly asking that the non-profit board I sit on to keep the meetings on the scheduled dates. I have put these on my calendar in October of last year for a year. I would do the same if I were on the board of education. Board meetings are the second and fourth Thursday of every month. The first meeting of the fiscal year – the second Thursday in July – is always the reorganization meeting. No one should have any questions about this. Well, last night, one person stated they couldn’t make the second Thursday in July and was hoping that the scheduled meeting could be changed. This went back and forth with another member stating out loud that she would not vote for a date that all members could not be at. It was absolutely ridiculous to watch the banter back and forth. The member who cannot be in attendance on the second Thursday of July made a conscious decision to schedule out-of-town family travel for that date. The meeting was there. It should not have been changed. Now, for the want of one, six others are being made to rearrange.

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