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A Task I Dread

I say I dread this and, in some ways, I do but it is a necessity. I have to go shopping. I am looking for a dress to wear to a retirement party to be held at a country club. That is a bit more “dressiness” than my normal clothing is but it is okay because, while I am not a big shopper, I like the idea that I have something in mind and I have a goal to meet.

My father and a good friend of his have been active in the fire service in their community forever it seems. They have both retired – a strange term since what they had were volunteer posts but none the less. There is a big party coming!!

The retirement party is to be held Memorial Day weekend at the local country club. I have tons of dress clothing but nothing really summery and nothing that is suitable to wear to something like this so I am off to shop tonight.

I just realized this morning that there is nothing going on tonight so I can make dinner and then head to the mall and the parkway. I am looking for a nice summery dress and possibly a new pair of shoes also. Can’t wait!!!

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