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I’m Really Not Biased

I know no one could ever tell but I am really not biased. Yes, I did a huge, extremely long blog entry on the first democratic debate and nothing on either of the two republican debates but I swear I can justify.

First off, I am a registered democrat. This means I will really only need to be familiar with the stance of the eventual republican nominee – for an election that is over 17 months away.

To be fair, though, I don’t think the debates have been well publicized. It was a fluke that I saw that the democratic debate was on television. I did record the first republican debate but, as with the democratic debate, all was being nicey-nicey (a true political term) and I couldn’t manage to find time to watch the two hour love fest.

I did not even know that there was a debate last night. I am an admitted news junky. I have 24 hour news channels on in the background every day as I work. I read major city papers online. If something is happening in the US or the world, I generally know about it. I had absolutely no idea that there was a debate last night. The next debates that I knew of were the first week in June.

If we have to expand the presidential election season, which it seems is a necessity, please let those of it will affect know about it.

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