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Do books and movies corrupt our view of life?

Yes, as I have said before, I have a profile on an online dating site. I blog there as well as here but here is today’s question or thought. Do books and movies corrupt our view of life?

I have a very busy life and very busy weekend. I am actively – probably not as active as I should be but actively none the less – looking for “someone.” I have spent this weekend very busy with many different activities and they are not over yet. But this morning I had an hour or so to myself. I sat down and watched a movie – Must Love Dogs.

I picked Must Love Dogs off the on demand channel for many reasons. I love Diane Lane. Under the Tuscan Sun is a favorite of mine also. I also like movies with John Cusack in them. So this was win-win. Then, I got to thinking about it. Probably not written as a cerebral movie but I got to thinking about my profile and online dating and do all the happy endings in movies and books lead us to think that is what we must have.

Anyone out there have opinions?

2 thoughts on “Do books and movies corrupt our view of life?

  1. Well, Nicki,
    First, I must say it is incredibly unfortunate that an entire continent divides us because I could a.) really enjoy sitting down over coffee and chatting with you about this very topic as well as your online experiences and, b.) having you teach me how to cook, blog, run a household and freaking still have time to think about “looking”. LOL!

    If nothing else, I suspect we’d have a great deal of fun and lots of good conversation.

    But, back to your topic at hand, YES! The fairy tale freaking corrupts not only our views but it creates unrealistic and unobtainable expectations within us. Or rather, I should say, that’s what it did to me.

    Great! You’ve just brought up another topic that I just feel I must address. Don’t worry, I will link to you as you totally started me out on this line of thinking…and…besides…it’s just so fun to shout out peeps like you!

    So, there’s my opinion. Might I suggest that you write a brief post now, linking all of us back to this and get the discussion going again? Seriously? This is a fun topic!

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