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What is it about May and June?

What is it about May and June that they are so busy?

My May calendar barely has any white space on it. Thankfully, the one bare spot it had was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. This is normally a travel weekend for me. I have spent recent Memorial Day weekends at soccer tournaments in Baltimore, Massapequa, and who remembers where else. This year I have no soccer to go to. But I suddenly have a retirement party for my father to go to. Now, I would have probably passed out if my father told me he was actually retiring from his paid job. My younger sister and I have been trying to get him to do so for several years but he doesn’t think he can afford to. He is retiring from a volunteer position in Chenango County, NY with the fire service. He and a good friend of his are having a joint retirement party at the Canasawacta Country Club. And somehow, I am going to squeeze a little shopping for a new dress in before then.

June is not much better but there is a little space still on that calendar. I am filling it up fast, though.

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