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The Next Jake

I admit that Glamour is not my magazine of choice any longer. It probably hasn’t been my magazine of choice for over 20 years, once I started having kids. Nowadays, I am likely to have it in the shopping cart for an art project for my daughter or to mail to the daughter away at college.

I do, though, listen/watch The Early Show on CBS mornings. A week or so ago, they had on three guys ranging from 24 to 35 who are vying to be the next Jake for Glamour. Jake, for those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, is a guy who dispenses advise to women about relationships and what guys think or how guys see it.

The gist of the appearance on The Early Show was to let America know they would be picking the next Jake. I watched the interviews with interest, knowing that having a 24 year old give me relationship advise is probably another reason I don’t read Glamour any longer. Today, I was looking for something on The Early Show web site. I saw the “Choose the Next Jake” button so went to the Glamour site. I read bios – very interesting cross-section of the male population; I read blogs; I read about Jake challenges. I am not very interested – not in buying Glamour, which is what I suppose this is suppose to do – but in helping pick the next Jake.

You should check out the Jakes at Glamour and see who you want to be the next Jake.

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